What is the most valuable prerequisite experience for a Sound System Installer Contractor?

The truth of the matter is that I opened ProTech Services as a computer and audio electronics repair shop in the 80’s. And as service led to sales, I went back to school again, and studied the acoustic issues (Syn Aud Con) and purchased the state of the art test equipment at the time, (TEF) and even got to hang out with some of our audio forefathers. I was on board clammering to use JBL’s first entry into acoustic software (CADP) that was written in BASIC! And after years of installing many systems, I thought I was pretty savvy at the technical end of things.  

But by far the greatest thing to ever happen to my installations was the addition of our live production services.  

Now it all makes sense. I could never fully respect an install-only company now, because I know they lack perspective. These guys do not mix under the gun, and they aren’t responsible for great sound. They install gear and stair at test equipment. A seasoned live production engineer will make their systems better with just his ears.

You see when we are not installing systems; we are providing productions services. Demanding clients expect the system to sound great immediately. Everyone wants the concert to be perfect. It’s the job.

It’s the ultimate acid test. The only thing that counts is results. And fast!  

Nothing will ever train an installer company like the demands of dropping all different size PAs in all different type rooms every time. It is the ultimate shotgun experience.

Contractors install systems but walk away and cash your check when the real fun begins. Live Production companies make systems sound great.

My friend Paster Jerry Weaver of my hometown First Baptist of Panama City Beach, Fl, said it to me best. He proudly boasted it to me as prolific words of wisdom.

” Steve, my other pastor friends told me that the best way to get a great sounding system is to go find the guys that setup the big rock concerts and make them install your system. “

“They do it for a living.”

But you know what the funny part is?

Production gave me the best part of perspective I needed to be a great installer. We don’t just install; we make systems sound great.

Installation experience made my production systems better than most. My portable racks -n- stacks are built with features like permanent input transformers for ground isolation and use the most reliable connectors in the business. All thanks to the install business. It’s almost like the install end teachs what to do, and the production end teachs how to do it. Go figure.

You know why I know it’s true?

‘Cause my install customers reap the benefits.

Hmmm…now where is that George Benson rider? Do we really have to make an Acoustic Grand Piano sound great outdoors?!?  

Until next time.

steve pizza