Mackie Console Gets a Shotgun Blast

Mackie Shooting Video

Mackie Console gets run over by Dodge Truck Video



Ok, so get this. Avid, aka Digidesign, is a console manufacturer. They have a spiff to the dealers that allows customers to ‘upgrade’ their console to their product line. The deal is that it has to be a certain level large format console. They provide us a discount that we can in-turn offer the customer. Simple enough, right? So the first time we did this, we accepted our customer’s console for upgrading, and when the deal was done, we said, “Ok, where do we ship it?”. To our surprise they stated, “Well we don’t actually want the console, it’s just designed to offer a discount to move consoles. Simply send us a video destroying the console.” Really?!?

The first time we let our good friend and customer handle their own video. It was a full-size Dodge Ram truck, rolling over the Yamaha console, with knobs shooting everywhere.

The second time we opted to grab a few friends, and show this Mackie some, uh, respect.

Thanks to my friends! What a blast! Please email me here for some ideas for our next, uh, UPGRADE!