Kenny Loggins A Ballroom Fundraising Event

KennyLogginsVideo (Shot from an Iphone 5!)

Kenny Loggins is quite the performer for only 500 people. We had enough gear for triple that, but you know how these Artists riders are!

When you have more than a tenth as many lighting fixtures as you do audience members, you know you’ve done your share.

For those who wonder what Mac 700’s can do with 20′ ceilings, look no further. 35′ would be better, but they still rock at 20′.

We had a great day, and the seasoned veteran crew was super-friendly, and we all got along fantastic. Just one of those great, memorable days.



Kenny Loggins lost the beard, and was taller than we expected. He is certainly well over 6′ tall. This guy has been writing hits forever!


Checkout the ‘Danger Zone’ vid. Where were you when CaddyShack debuted?