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There are several ways to contact ProTech Services!

You can contact ProTech Services via email at 

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Phone and Fax:


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Toll Free: (877)-327-6119 for the Office

Local:      (850) 265-4334 for our local friends

Hotline:   (850) 814-7555 to try a cell phone now!

Fax:      (850)-640-0288

You can call the Live Event Production Hotline Direct at 1-850-814-7555


You can even still use the Good Ol’ United States Postal Service at:

ProTech Services of NorthWest Florida, Inc.
6320 Highway 77
Panama City, Fl. 32409

ProTech Team leaders

Contact our team leaders below by clicking on their email link.

Steven Pizza                      CEO/Church/Concert Division                          (850) 814-7555

James Daly                        General Manager/CFO                                    (850) 265-4334

Karen Furno                       Technical Services Manager/FOH                     (850) 265-4334

Don Turnage                       House of Worship Systems Engineer                    (850) 814-5405

Susan Southerland           Accounts Administrator                                      (850) 265-4334

Harold Luck                       Speaker Reconing/Install Leader                            (850) 596-1313

Julien Boutin                     Electronics Technician                                 (850) 265-4334

Wendell Hicks                   Electronic Tech/Service Calls                         (850) 265-4334

Doug Yeager                      Installation Technician                                       (850) 265-4334

David Shaw                        Stage Manager                                            (850) 265-4334

Drew Coastal                     Staging Technician                                            (850) 265-4334

Scott Fryer                         Monitor Engineer/Stage Tech                             (850) 265-4334