Church Installations :: Audio, Lighting, Video

Church Audio Installations :: Before you Begin

Today more than ever church worship services depend on a high quality, dependable sound system and lighting to create the atmosphere of worship. Problems that arise from feedback or a problem with the instrumentation can take away from the design and purpose for the service. It’s important, when making your choice for replacing your existing sound system, to do the research necessary to make an informed decision on your sound installation contractor.

ProTech’s group of engineers have over 50 year of combined experience creating the atmosphere of praise and worship for churches from Jacksonville, Florida to Mobile, AL. Founded in Panama City, FL, ProTech is one of the leaders of church sound and lighting installation service in the Southeast. Whether your church is 50 to 15,000 ProTech custom designs a sound and lighting package for your congregation, combining that knowledge with their professional audio installs your church board will be proud of the professionalism and value your church receives.

Making the Choice: Church Mixers Analog or Digital

Only a few years ago, churches could not afford the digital consoles coming out to the market. $20,000 – $40,000 was just too expensive an investment for churches on a budget. Today all that has changed. Digital consoles from Yamaha, Presonus, Behringer, Mackie, and even DigiDesign all have cost effective options and digital mixer solutions made for the church where budget may be a factor. Read the testimony below of one of ProTech church installation clients:

My iWorship Setup...“After years of looking for a digital console that would fit into our church budget, I contacted ProTech with a specific list of needs including Multiple Aux buses, at least 4 sub groups, wireless controls, recallable fader positions, lockable, portable, and above all cost effective. Steve, was able to help me find the perfect digital mixer that not only met all my needs, but exceeded them and was under budget. We were able to outfit both the youth building and the main sanctuary with  Presonus StudioLive mixing consoles; now we can control our services and monitors wirelessly with iOS devices, and we saved thousands by even being able to mix monitor mixes without having to invest in additional Aviom systems…’s awesome.”

Ryan|First Assembly of God, Panama City
Media/Music Director