Another Crazy Beach Gig!


What else can we say? If you wanna rock the beach and make kids crazy, we’re the beach monsters. But what a ridiculous amount of logistics and preparation! This is not for everybody. After 25 years on the beach, we’ve learned how to play, but we will always respect the beach. Extra care and considerations are generated from hard earned lessons. We now even provide some of our own specialized heavy equipment to meet the engineering specifications of the structures. 8 truckloads in and out! There was 3′ of inclination from stage left to stage right!

Yes, Pro-Tech is now an official John Deere fan. We purchased a John Deere 5083 tractor and made several mods for the beach. Of course, we got the cab, right?

Can you believe the John Deere tractor brochure has the audacity to say, “Born to Work”. Welcome to ProTech!

John Deere 5083A Brochure