Spring Weekend on PCB!



‘Techno’ music rocked the beach! These guys chose us to hammer, –and I mean absolutely hammer the Spring Breakers with music, lights, LED screens, staging, misting stations, CO2 blasts, DJ booths, and seriously ridiculous volume. We shook the beach 550 feet deep with subs and created a dazzling display of lighting and video. After 12 hours a day, ending at midnight, thousands of kids just kept insanely screaming for more.

RIP Panama City Beach!

Truly this would have not been provided  so efficiently without our layout services. We made and revised many drawings numerous times to allow the client to get exactly what they wanted without spending enormous time in Panama City Beach.

Thank you to our friends Michael, Duckie, and Todd and their event companies who chose us to provide this entertainment package. We look forward to next year! We will do it better next year, some how…