2013 Panama City Beach Seafood Festival



The festival this year was amazing as the festival boasted headliners Collective Soul and Foreigner. Loverboy and Better than Ezra and others were just for fun. We tested our new V5 settings with the Lake LM 26 processors. It made the difference we wanted in the over 300′ range. In addition to the usual moving light foray, we were asked to provide a midstage truss full of analog in addition to the usual 120K of analog lighting. This required us to add a 100KW generator to the ampitheater’s twin 3 phase 400A panels. Half the lights were on a genny, and the other half on the grid! Then for fun, Foreigner introduced an intentional distortion to the bass guitar sound for that ‘old-school’ sound. Both our system engineers arrived at FOH at about the same time as we shot it down. I guess the joke was on us. Didn’t seem too funny at the time. Spend all this money to go digital, and then add a little enrichment to sound analog! Oh heck, you gotta love it. They really rocked well. I think they were better this time than last time, although last time was a sellout and a big performance. Good job on the pics, Amanda!