LED Video–Better than the Rest–

Yes, it’s expensive, and yes it’s big. But what unbelievable results!

This was the year to bust out an LED video wall, and how magnificent it was! We built it 40′ wide and 20′ tall. Shot it full of HD video.

Try dropping a GoPro on a mic stand 4′ from an artist…just for fun. Cheap, quick, easy, magnificent!

Audience members 300′ away could watch the hairs on those fingers.

We also built a HUGE thrust and put all the VIPS on deck. We had rain, but nobody cared. Full capacity crowds just made it all better. We proved again that pitch ratios are a careful consideration in the ever-important balance of budget and performance.

Checkout the legendary Bob James from Tower of Power. Still playin’ in the rain after all these years!

God Bless America!