2012 Jazz Festival a Smashing Hit!


Well the festival is over, but what a successful show it was. This year brought a few changes including a new concert roof, the new Martin Aura lights, and more extensive use of digital consoles as requested by the artists.

The new roof was particularly spectacular as we had it completely certified as per the new ANSI standards. Now I know that we are not required to follow these new stringent requirements, but we have decided to just ‘bite the bullet’ and become compliant early. Can you really be too safe?
The most notable and funnest part of the new requirements is surely the weather station. We are required to have a High Wind Action Plan, and notify authorities of it as well as submit it to the Client. Everyone wanted to know what the wind was doing, and what the expected weather was going to be. Plus it was a new gadget at monitor world! 

The unit is wireless and attaches to the top of the roof structure. It also measures rainfall, barometric pressure, shows the sunrise/sunset, and the moon phase. It shows a graph of the wind, and the highest gust all day, or maximum gusts in as low as 2 minutes.

Interestingly, the 4th day was very windy, and we took the backdrop down due to the 30+ mph winds. But since the wind plan had been previously turned in to the client, we didn’t really have to notify anyone. When the gusts occurred, we performed our due diligence and removed the backdrop. The client was completely understanding and appreciative. You see the plan and measurement gave us justifiable cause, and removed the typical judgement call that creates tension and poor mistakes.

Maybe there was something good out of Indianapolis after all? Do you think we would have taken the backdrop down without the weather station?


The JazzFest had one 32 mph gust, but the roof didn’t budge.