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    Why Choose Us?

    Our team of professional engineers and technicians have decades of experience building sound stages and concert lighting for festivals and concerts, and have installed professional systems for churches, venues, clubs, and more. Total dedication to high quality audio and our experience in the field is what sets us apart from the competition...

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  • ProTech Services, Inc

    We bring a blend of carefully chosen high-tech equipment with an effective, thoughtfully prepared approach. We believe this is not just an equipment gear war. Some simply say we do more with less. Then we deliver it with seasoned technicians and engineers. We do the little steps that make the difference in the end. We still believe the humans and customer service matter. Our events bring an unexpected, but important comfort level to you at showtime because we come prepared. And we prove it at every concert, festival and event. Do your own homework and talk to our existing customers. Find out for yourself; this is the most important decision. We are indeed that mid-sized company; --big enough to handle large shows; small enough to get down and dirty--. 1st time show? Go directly to our Blog and read -Scrutiny on the Bounty- This is important! In short? --We keep our customers.--

Protech’s New LED Array on Display at the 2015 Seabreeze Jazz Festival

Protech successfully pulled off another gig without a hitch.  The 2015 Seabreeze Jazz Festival attracted people from all over the world, and the professionals from Protech were on hand to make sure the performers sounded and looked great.  Our 8mil outdoor LED arrays were on display to give the 7,000 person strong crowd an up […]

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8mil LED Rental Panels Outdoor Festival

2014 Panama City Spring Break Kaskade DJ 8mil LED Screens

Check out this video from our latest event on Panama City Beach, Florida. This was the smaller of the 2 week event behind Sharky’s Beach Club in cooperation with StudentCity and sponsored by Joose and Secret. Our 8mil outdoor LED Panels performed amazing, even in direct sunlight.  Have an upcoming outdoor event of festival, contact […]

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Krewella Rocks the House in Destin, Fl.

Well, how often do you fly Vertec inside a nightclub? Krewella is not for the meek. This ain’t your mama’s music. Here is a quicktime snippet of the fun.  Krewella3

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2013 Dothan National Peanut Festival

Well what started out as a rainy day, turned out ok. Well, other than the wind just ATE the haze and fog. But Need to Breathe did what they could, and worked hard. We were asked to provide custom aluminum structures for this show, and we obliged. We hung Martin Auras, as well as 120K, […]

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